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How are we different? Our Team!
We take pride in our team-members. They have gone through our rigorous interview process, are trained on our bench and ready to hit the ground running on any project.

Our team members know best in breed tools, frameworks and methodologies and are ready to step in, get their hands dirty and implement features while leveling up those around them.

What do we do differently? Our Methodology!
With a focus on eXtreme Programming principles and excellence we deliver software. Leveraging TDD (test driven development), short feedback cycles, user-centric design we are able to deliver better software, with fewer bugs in less time.

Predictable velocity: every team has a different pace, with Enfuse engineers we help to bring balance and focus to IPMs so you can have confidence in your release cadence.
What are our specialities?
We are driven to deliver excellent software. At Enfuse we have three core skillsets than span five specialties.

1. Full Stack: from mobile, desktop and webapps. From API to Database, our full stack engineers can build, scale and deploy it.
2. Data Pipeline Engineers: soup-to-nuts, source to sink, our data pipeline engineers, experienced with big-data technologies will be able to pipe your data from any source system, to the data lake or destination of your choice and expose them through clean simple APIs.
3. EXTreme Data Engineering: Blending highly experienced data engineers with modern software engineering methodologies.

How we help you? Our Services!
Whether we are working with your existing team or starting a new project, Enfuse.io starts by hitting the running, together.

Organizations generally work with us in four ways:
1. Consulting, we will staff, build and handoff a key feature;
2. Staff Augmentation, we bring our engineers along side your team to bring an immediate lift;
3. Contract to Hire, reduce the risk in the hiring process and let us vet candidates for you and try before you buy;
4. Build your Team, we will come along side, develop work while simultaneously leveling up your team, training them with best practices, latest tooling leaving you prepared for the challenges of the future.
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Data as a Product

As every organization begins its transition to a technology company, so does its need for new applications to reduce overhead and further penetrate their customers. Our philosophy is that as these applications come online they are only as good as the data feedback loop that powers them. We approach every data API, pipeline and service as a product, only then can your data truly drive your business.


Application Services, API's and Pipelines

The intersection of Apps, Big Data, DevOps and AI drives delivery expectations that far exceed both a traditional 'full-stack' application programmer and your classic big data engineer. In a single day they may have to build a Java API, connect it to log system, write a prediction algorithm and automate the deployment on the cloud.


Extreme Data Engineering

Enfuse.io breeds a different kind of engineer, one that leverages extreme programming techniques, technologies and platforms to deliver best in class data driven products.  Our teams deliver data side by side with your best in class architects to deliver data products starting with user persona's and ending with an MVP... all with cutting edge technology.


Full Stack Development

Whether you need frontend, backend, or anything in between we have the team for you. With a rich experience in Angular & React. From Electron and React Native, to webapps and API development.


AppShift - Cloud Migrations

Experts in AWS, GCP and Azure, we can help migrate your infrastructure to any cloud provider. Whether you choose to do a like-for-like or take advantage of the cloud to improve your performance, scalability, availability [...] Enfuse can help. Find out more about how we can migrate your app to Azure Spring Enterprise Application here!

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