How are we different?

New projects with start by hitting the ground running, together.  As you hire and select your own development team we will mix them into our team, teaching them the paradigm, methodologies and techniques.

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Data Driven Applications

Data Applications and Pipelines are designed to drive ROI and efficiency across enterprise analytic use-cases by making it streaming, real-time and fully integrated.

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Why data API's?

We want to accomplish one thing, transform everything your organization does to be data driven API’s; do more with less.

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Data as a Product

As every organization begins its transition to a technology company, so does its need for new applications to reduce overhead and further penetrate their customers.  Our philosophy is that as these applications come online they are only as good as the data feedback loop that powers them.  We approach every data API, pipeline and service as a product, only then can your data truly drive your business.

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Application Services, API's and Pipelines

The intersection of Apps, Big Data, DevOps and AI drives delivery expectations that far exceed both a traditional ‘full-stack’ application programmer and your classic big data engineer.  In a single day they may have to build a Java API, connect it to log system, write a prediction algorithm and automate the deployment on the cloud.

Extreme Data Engineering breeds a different kind of engineer, one that leverages extreme programming techniques, technologies and platforms to deliver best in class data driven products.  Our teams deliver data side by side with your best in class architects to deliver data products starting with user persona’s and ending with an MVP... all with cutting edge technology.

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