Do A Little Good – Donation to Olive Crest

Small actions can make a big difference. When we upgraded our laptops at Enfuse.io, we knew we wanted to put our old ones to good use. That’s why we donated them to Olive Crest, a local charity that provides support to foster youth. We’re thrilled to hear that our donation helped one young person enroll in college and take an important step towards their future. #communityimpact #donate

Agile / XP ASAE configuration Velocity

External Configuration has changed, and we like it.

Let’s be honest, Heroku changed the game. If you’ve ever read or come across the tenets that comprise 12 factor app development, then you can directly thank the engineers over at Heroku. This post isn’t about all 12 factors though, it’s about only one: Config. Configuration is a necessary element of any modern software application. […]