Introducing the New Backstage OpenAI Playground Plugin

We are excited to announce the release of our OpenAI GPT-based Backstage plugin, designed to allow you to sample the OpenAI playground experience directly in your organization’s Backstage application. This two-part plugin has been developed with a focus on providing developers with a user-friendly experience for generating technical content. Our plugin includes the Frontend interface […]


ReactJS – Reducing State with useReducer

The official React documentation defines useReducer as a React hook that allows you to add a reducer to your component. A reducer is a design pattern that is used to manage the state of a UI. It involves breaking down the application state into smaller, more manageable pieces, and defining a set of functions called reducers, which are responsible for updating those pieces of state in response to user actions or other events. While there may be some use cases that necessitate the use of third-party reducer tools (e.g. Redux), the useReducer hook is an excellent state reduction option for most React projects.


Do A Little Good – Donation to Olive Crest

Small actions can make a big difference. When we upgraded our laptops at, we knew we wanted to put our old ones to good use. That’s why we donated them to Olive Crest, a local charity that provides support to foster youth. We’re thrilled to hear that our donation helped one young person enroll in college and take an important step towards their future. #communityimpact #donate

Agile / XP CI / CD Velocity

Case Study: Migrated Spring Applications from GCP to Azure

Background A client was migrating their internal portal from GCP to Azure. Their portal consisted of a Spring Boot backend and React frontend hosted in GCP, supported by GCS file storage, Postgres DB and credential management. Our client was planning a lift-and-shift migration. During our assessment, they wanted to understand opportunities to take advantage of […]