agile big data event driven platform pair programming podcast Podcast – So you want to learn Big Data?

Enfuse just released our first podcast! Getting into the Big Data development industry can be daunting for those at the beginning of their careers. In this podcast Cahlen Humphreys and Nate Olsen discuss their journey into the domain, but also share tips and tricks on how to effectively learn the skills you need in order […]

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Massive Data Processing at Scale – DIAM Irvine CA

Enfuse recently had the pleasure to host the Data Intensive Application MeetUp in Irvine California on February 6th 2020. We talked about container runtimes, event driven architectures, common transformation techniques and different data platform layers. We had a GREAT time and can’t wait to attend the next MeetUp in April. Below you can view the […]

development google cloud platform Kafka Kafka Connect Kubernetes

A DIY Guide to Kafka Connectors

You may have heard of the many advantages of using Apache Kafka as part of your Event Driven System. It’s a fast, scalable and fault-tolerant distributed streaming platform that countless enterprise companies use to build real-time streaming data pipelines and applications. Getting data in and out of a Kafka-powered platform, however, can be a challenge. […]

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Why Event Driven Platforms give you back control of your data.

Real time messaging, batch processing, stream processing — just a few descriptions of frameworks and platforms that have been thrown around without much thought behind from the leaders that be. At Enfuse we’ve been through the laundry cycle of data processing platforms time and time again. Rarely, if ever (and by that I mean never), […]