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External Configuration has changed, and we like it.

Let’s be honest, Heroku changed the game. If you’ve ever read or come across the tenets that comprise 12 factor app development, then you can directly thank the engineers over at Heroku. This post isn’t about all 12 factors though, it’s about only one: Config. Configuration is a necessary element of any modern software application. […]

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Rapid App Development with Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise

Enfuse recently had the opportunity to preview the new Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise offering — a joint offering from Microsoft and VMware. While Azure Spring Cloud has been available for some time now and can be very helpful for smaller organizations, the enterprise version brings some much needed features. In this blog post we’re going […]

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Azure Spring Cloud – A new blog series by

As a stakeholder, I want the smallest possible time between project kick-off and tangible results, decreasing time to value. As an architect, I want a great platform that is responsive, secure, scalable, and reliable, with out of the box application tracing, monitoring, logging, and alerting. As a developer, I want the freedom to experiment, the […]