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Enfuse + Datacon LA 2021 = Building Production Data Pipelines with TDD and Pair Programming

Enfuse has a particular style of creating software that might new to a lot of folks in the data industry. Traditionally Test Driven Development (TDD) and Pair Programming have been reserved for the web application development, and wasn’t necessarily popular with backend software development. At Enfuse we flip the script.

Enfuse Datacon LA 2021

If you’ve made it this far after watching the video, then lets talk about the advantages your organization can benefit from employing this style of software development.

At Enfuse we…

  • Create all software using Test Driven Development (TDD)
    • Unit test everything that we create
    • Integration tests for context and starters
    • End to end tests for data pipelines (data in vs data out)

  • Always pair program when creating software
    • Spread context by switching pairs every day
    • Develop strong relationships with client engineers
    • Mitigate security and infrastructure blockers quickly
    • Continuous knowledge transfer from our team, to the clients team

There are so many advantages of writing software with TDD and Pair Programming.

Your company benefits from…

  • Pair Programming
    • Two heads are always better than one
    • More efficient and fewer coding mistakes
    • Continuous knowledge sharing
    • Involuntary soft skills improvement by relationship building

  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
    • Excellent software design with flexibility to pivot quickly
    • Code bases are easier to maintain since our software becomes more modular
    • Refactoring isn’t a nightmare anymore, if the tests pass, the application will work
    • Project costs decrease as ROI increases
      • Cost savings occur over the lifecycle of the product
      • Short term costs increase since time is spent building excellent test suites
      • Long term costs decrease
        • Without tests every application is at a very high risk of failure
        • Without tests, bugs and technical issues will present themselves over time which can quickly ramp up the project budget. It’s not a matter of if, but rather when.
    • Tests act a engineering documentation

Pairing and TDD are not easy to implement or learn, but that is why we’re here! At Enfuse we integrate with your existing team (or help build you one), and with our cumulative years of experience teach your engineers the best practices and processes to ensure that you have successful on-time project delivery that is maintainable and feature addition friendly.

So is TDD and Pair Programming right for your company or organization? We can help you determine that, just send an inquiry email to today!


Cahlen Humphreys