Our Story

Born out of Pivotal Labs and Pivotal Data, Enfuse.io was formed to establish a new era of data engineering.  Our mission and focus is to blend the best of breed programming methodologies and software with cutting edge big data products.  We believe this odd marriage of technology is what is needed to truly create rich data driven products.

New projects with Enfuse.io start by hitting the ground running, together.  As you hire and select your own development team we will mix them into our team, teaching them the paradigm, methodologies and techniques.

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Our Approach

Enfuse.io developers employ the Extreme Programming (XP) methodology by utilizing Test Driven Development (TDD), Pair Programming, and Continuous Integration.  Small quick iteration development cycles paired with continuous customer feedback leads to robust feature rich applications.  Enfuse.io integrates your internal developers into our labs environment to pair with our developers.  Your developer then benefits from industry expertise, knowledge enhancement, and development methodology transfer that will propagate to your own internal development teams.

Simplicity     Communication     Feedback     Empathy      Strength

Agile Development and Extreme Programming

Enfuse.io has been on the forefront of new and innovative agile programming methods.  Our interpretation of extreme programming for data engineering drives our high success rate.  Extreme Programming emphasizes teamwork. Managers, customers, and developers are all equal partners in a collaborative team. Extreme Programming implements a simple, yet effective environment enabling teams to become highly productive. The team self-organizes around the problem to solve it as efficiently as possible.

Lean Inception

Agile methods emphasize early and continuous delivery of software, the value of which comes from the objectives and needs of the customers.  The lean model help to promote the incremental release of a minimal viable product as a simple test in order to build user stories that can validate the business assumptions.

  1. Lean inception – shortened inception process by removing everything which was not about the product (such as architecture, project, etc), making it lean

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Continuous delivery is a series of practices designed to ensure that code can be rapidly and safely deployed to production by delivering every change to a production-like environment and ensuring business applications and services function as expected through rigorous automated testing.

Continuous deployment is the next step of continuous delivery: Every change that passes the automated tests is deployed to production automatically. Continuous deployment should be the goal of most companies that are not constrained by regulatory or other requirements

Pair Programming

One of the differentiators for Enfuse.io is our requirement to pair program.  Pair programming has been used in software development for decades but it is new to data engineering.  Our process enables the developers to do more productive work, quickly iterate and refine on blockers and create work arounds.  The quality of code produced is superior and the time is shorter.

Probably the most unique and one of the most value aspects is that our customers enjoy being partners in the pairing software process, developers actively contribute regardless of experience level, and managers concentrate on communication and relationships.


A predictable cadence helps your business plan, and tracking velocity helps rate that predictability.  Each team and project has a velocity that’s unique to them, just as the points each team uses for estimates are meaningful only in that team’s context. You can’t compare velocity across teams or projects.