MFour Studio Launch: Innovative Product Platform for Market Specific Data Inteligence and Analytics Solutions
Market Research and Analytics
React, Node, PHP, Python


MFour, a company specializing in marketing and survey marketing data, aimed to create a product platform called MFour Studio. The objective was to leverage years of historical data collection and integrate it with granular survey data to create a data market for various use cases, such as analytics and sentiment analysis. MFour’s existing method of data collection was through a paid mobile app where consumers completed surveys.


To achieve their objective, MFour pursued the following strategies:

  1. Utilize granular data gathered from consumer surveys to augment and enrich existing data for backend selling. For example, consumers might be paid to take a survey about a specific McDonald’s hamburger, with the resulting data combined with existing data to create unique insights.

  2. Develop the MFour Studio platform to facilitate data exploration from multiple perspectives, enabling users to uncover insights not typically seen or expected.

  3. Integrate with Ipsos, a global market research company, to further augment the data and improve the overall product offering.


During the development process, MFour faced a significant challenge when many of their staff engineers left the company due to the Ukraine and Russia conflict. As a result, MFour relied on consultants with a breadth of experience to take on multiple roles within the team and deliver the project.



  1. The MFour Studio platform was successfully released, offering a comprehensive solution for data exploration and insight generation. The platform even reached the #1 position in the iOS App Store for a period of time.

  2. Data collection increased significantly, leading to a higher quality end product that could be sold to other companies.

  3. MFour’s consultants, who had diverse expertise, were able to effectively fill multiple roles within the team, from backend to frontend development. This versatility allowed them to accomplish the work of two people while navigating team changes.

  4. The integration with Ipsos further augmented MFour’s data offering, expanding the potential for valuable insights and enhancing the company’s competitive advantage in the market.


In conclusion, MFour successfully developed and released the MFour Studio platform, which helped the company delve into unique data insights and expand its data offering. The company overcame staffing challenges by leveraging the skills of experienced consultants, ultimately leading to a faster and more comprehensive data collection process, and a more valuable end product for their customers.