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Our team has a wide variety
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Data APIs & Pipelines

Connect your disperate data sources together with our expert data Pipelines and expose them via APIs.

Full Stack Apps

Full-stack often means something different to Enfuse.io engineering. Our teams are adept in the integration of Spring applications and real-time big data streaming systems.

Big Data Integration

Transform, analyze, profile, visualize and integrate all your data.

Web Development

Develop your next generation of desktop and webapps with our team, we have rich experience with Angular and React.

Extreme Data Engineering

Bringing a balance of best-in-breed tooling and extreme practices with experience in python and more.

IT Consultancy

Over the past five years, our customers succeeded by leveraging Enfuse.io experienced process of building, motivating teams and developing and delivering great software.

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// Transform the way your organization views data

Data APIs & Pipelines

Regardless of platform, Enfuse.io developers specialize in getting your data into the platform and taking your data out of the platform.  Developers immerse themselves into your data domain to ensure that nothing is overlooked.  We specialize in connectors for Confluent Kafka Connect, Spring Cloud Dataflow, Lightbend FDP, and Apache Beam -- streaming and batch.

Test driven development isn't just for demos and apis. As part of our focus on extreme programming methodology, we build real, test driven code on all layers of data engineering projects. In practice, this means we leverage the best testing infrastructure to form a framework that is simple to run, easy to extend, and incredibly fast. This ensure reliable coverage, backwards compatibility, fewer bugs in production, and faster more confident release cadence.

With experience in three clouds ideating, developing, deploying and maintaining APIs. You can be sure that your APIs will be using state of the art tools, secured, and easily monitored. We specialize in Apigee, Spring Web and [...].

// Derive new and meaningful insights from your data.

Big Data Integration

Build an integrate data analytics platform to help unify, analyze, metricize your data. With your data in a single platform you'll be able to drive ML and AI insights in whole new ways. 

// AI, ML and a whole lotta SQL

Extreme Data Engineering

Rich experience using Python for data profiling and sentiment analysis to help you see your data in new ways and more importantly to analyze your data in ways you never thought possible. 

//TODO any ideas Cahlen do we have a specialiaty or advertise some ZD things?

// From front-end to Database, we really mean FULL STACK.

Full Stack Apps

The beating of heart of your application. From server traffic to REST apis. Our combined experience across languages and platforms including but not limited to: Django, Spring, Node.js, C# - allows a foundation that isn’t just performant, but extensible with the newest, proven, tools and technologies.


More than just a pretty face. The frontend shouldn’t just look nice - it’s your user’s gateway to experience. Using the latest modern frontend technologies, including : React, Angular, Vue, to bring you the a UI which will let your user’s experience a product the way you envision, and bring them back for more.

Enfuse.io engineers have experience with Postgres, Cockroach, MongoDB, Redis, Memcach, data lake technologies like GCP BigQuery and even NoSQL DBs like Mongo. 

// Basically Javascript & Typescript

Web Development

Build your responsive webapp using best-in-class technologies like React and Angular. Rich experience in libraries like redux, NextJS, typescript. Styling with Material-UI, styled components,

Experience building desktop apps using Electron to deliver a unique experience on desktop and mobile