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Cahlen Humphreys

Managing Principal

With a background in mathematics Cahlen has quickly moved through the ranks of Big Data and Software Engineering, helping some of the most challenging enterprise customers leverage data driven apps. Mastering Big Data and riding the evolution of historical decisions into real time specializing in the delivery and execution of data driven apps. As a co-founder of Enfuse.io Cahlen is focused on delivering high velocity data pipelines and API’s for the fortune 500.

Javin Hung

Sr. Software Engineer

Javin is an avid rock climber and tennis player who codes from time to time. Usually creating data pipelines, he has been found creating CI/CD pipelines, GCP cloud integrations, and micro services. Specializing in the Spring framework, his preferences include Java, Kotlin, and a bowl of ramen to get the job done. If he’s not at his desk, you can find Javin outside somewhere or playing an unpopular video game.

Tom Butler

Software Engineer

Tom is a seasoned software engineer who specializes in delivering best in class data driven products. He has a strong background delivering big data pipelines, microservices, and enterprise applications utilizing proven technologies such as Spring, Spark, Dataflow, Airflow & Kafka while leveraging modern CICD/Devops best practices. He also has years of full stack web development experience with application frameworks ranging anywhere from old school ColdFusion to modern Spring/Angular. In his downtime, he enjoys exploring Idaho’s backcountry with his 3 kids.

Ricki Purnomo

Software Engineer

Ricki Purnomo is a software developer with in-depth experience in back-end Java programming. He has been involved in various projects such as building UI/dashboards for data analytics, implementing back-end/front-end features on an eCommerce website, and creating data pipelines and microservices. He enjoys playing basketball, hiking, and playing video/board games in his spare time. Ricki is someone who would spend hours digging for new information that he is curious about.

Andrew "Dave" Albertson

Sr. Software Engineer

Dave is a software developer based in Boise, ID. With a background in mathematics, he excels at information synthesis, learning through experimentation, and eliminating unnecessary complexity. The bulk of his experience is in building large-scale backend systems, but he isn’t afraid to dig into the frontend when the need arises. His preferred tools include Java, Kotlin, Go, and GCP and AWS cloud services. If he’s not at his desk, he’s probably outside somewhere.

Jeremy Brenner

Sr. Software Engineer

Jeremy is a lifelong technology enthusiast who started making weird visual basic games in 4th grade, and eventually grew into the web development space. With a particular focus in big data and competitive intelligence, he is comfortable developing in a wide range of languages and technologies. He is often doing full stack feature development in JavaScript and Python, but is always eager to pick up a new tool to solve a problem.

Afton Carlson

Software Engineer

Curious, insatiable, and comfortable with the unknown, expeditions into untamed wilderness is where Afton feels most at home. Through his sojourn through the software wilds, Afton has gained skills in fullstack development, cloud architecture implementation, database wrangling, and CI/CD pipelines. Afton has written enterprise code in Java, Python, Javascript, Typescript, C++, C, SQL, and PHP, among others. Afton loves teamwork, and thinks the relationships he develops with the people he works with as important as the work itself. When not clacking away at the keys, Afton enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids. He also loves making music with synthesizers, reading, rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, and woodworking.

Richard Park

Sr. Software Engineer

Richard is an experienced and curious engineer who is committed to life long learning. He is obsessed with driving client success, and has a wide range of development experience that includes working in embedded firmware, network security, iOS development, and cloud native web apps. He is eager to serve in any role that is required of him with humility, a service oriented attitude, and a focus on delivering high impact solutions. Richard is most often working on backend feature development in Java or Python, but has a penchant for devOps and frontend development. Outside of work he is a cult film and retro game enthusiast.

Ryan Bailey

Software Engineer

Ryan spent his formative years in Singapore, where, thanks to the release of the first iPod, his passion for technology was rooted. Since then, he has been feeding his insatiable curiosity, which has allowed him to contribute to a wide array of development projects, including firmware implementation, iOS app development, and CI/CD pipeline integrations. He currently specializes in API design and development, where he works with Java, Spring, and GraphQL. When Ryan isn’t behind his keyboard, he enjoys skiing, mountain biking, playing piano, and spending time with his family and friends.

Cameron Mehl

Software Engineer

An avid automator, Cameron is always looking for how to integrate locally controlled automation technology into his life to provide him more time with his family and hobbies. Cameron is not afraid to dive head first into whatever project is presented to him and can figure out disparate systems with ease. Provided a project, he is easily able to adapt to the prevailing design, software stack, and preferred languages to offer well designed and tested code. He enjoys racing his team’s LDRL race car, playing both tabletop and video game RPGs, and reading when not doing development work.

Tyler Carpenter

Software Engineer

Tyler is a software developer that likes to conquer new challenges and raise the bar for craftsmanship. Tyler focuses on maximizing return on investment by optimizing development workflows to create high-impact and long-lasting solutions. A generalist at heart, Tyler has experience developing single-page applications, public and private APIs, messaging systems, batch processes, and Infrastructure as Code solutions for Continuous Integration and Delivery pipelines. This versatility has come from years of collaboration with experts and experienced technical leadership that’s left Tyler with an eager spirit of continuous learning. When he isn’t coding, Tyler can be found playing tug of war with his dog, eating Mexican food, smiling ear to ear at a show, snowboarding, or just being a couch potato.

Ben Nemec

Software Engineer

Ben is a full stack software engineer with emphases in Angular, Spring Boot, and MongoDB. He’s done everything from creating UI applications that abstract complex data lakes, creating a stateless kafka driven OMS, and even creating a checkout application. He loves dad jokes as well (despite not actually being a father) so it’s not uncommon to hear quips while he’s coding like: “Why does Yoda’s code always crash?” “Because there is no try!” When he’s not navigating complex problems such as getting deployment pipelines setup and developing full stack web applications, you can find him either jogging the trails of Wisconsin or spending a late Friday night gaming with his brother and friends.

Shaun Miller

Software Engineer

A knack for solving tough problems has led Shaun to be a proficient frontend developer. He prefers a functional approach in JavaScript but is no stranger to object-oriented languages. As a former researcher of cryptography, his first exposure to serious development involved using high-level programming languages such as C++. Eventually, the research sparked his interest in data-modeling and backend development using Flask and Spring frameworks. He now develops full-stack applications using React and Spring in a variety of applications including pharmaceuticals and supply chain. Outside of work Shaun will probably be at his desk playing the latest Call or Duty or reluctantly stepping outside to go for a run.

Ben Blinebury

Software Engineer

Ben is a long time musician, software developer, and a dad. But he’s not like a regular dad. He’s a cool dad. He is an ideal candidate for data analytics and migrations, setting up CI/CD pipelines, devops, backend or frontend development roles. As a cool dad, he’s well equipped to handle most professional social situations with ease. Sprint planning? “Awesome guys! Time for a brainstorming sesh!” Arguments that need moderation? “Hey dudes. Why don’t we take 5 on these bean bag chairs and rap about it.” His favorite languages to work in are Java, SQL, and Typescript, and he excels at writing backend apps in Spring. When not working, you can find him hanging with his kids, playing guitar, or dreaming of being a killer robot.

Jonathon Doetsch

Software Engineer

Jonathon is a musician, historian, and burgeoning full-stack developer, who excels at drawing connections between disparate pieces of information. This ability has enabled him to contribute to a wide variety of development efforts, including data migrations, mobile development, CI/CD pipelines, cloud integration, and of course, backend and frontend development. Jonathon’s preferred languages are Kotlin and Typescript, and he specializes in the Spring and React frameworks. When not working, you can find him petting his cats or listening to Iron Maiden.

Gordan Lin

Software Engineer

Gordan Lin is a curious person who enjoys figuring out the building blocks of the world and rearranging them to build something better. This curiosity makes him an ideal candidate for a wide range of tasks, *such as migrations*, microservice design, and frontend/backend development. Gordan’s preferred languages are Java and Typescript, and he specializes in Angular, React, and Spring Boot framework. In his free time, you can find him trying new recipes, kickstarting gadgets – that he doesn’t need – or traveling the world.

Ryan D'Cruz

Software Engineer

Ryan is a project driven Dad that does anything and everything for his family. From building full stack software applications to raising chickens, Ryan can provide his experience on the subject. Each language, framework or architecture learned is just another tool in the virtual toolbelt of building software. Ryan will quickly and seamlessly integrate himself into the project and get to work. He has a focus on the Agile team and development process but is always looking for new and better ways of operating. He has a tendency to take the lead on complex efforts and is an advocate for what he calls “Loud Developers”. Ryan is a self proclaimed tinkerer so in his spare time he will always have a different project or activity currently in progress.

Travis Louloudis

Software Engineer

Travis is a husband and father to 2 girls, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 1 bird, 1 gecko and 1 fish (with more to come he’s sure). He has experience working full stack development (Angular / Spring-Boot) on multimillion dollar DoD contracts requiring secret clearances. His experience brings a unique blend of soft and technical skills to each project he works on. Prior to Enfuse, he served in the Army National Guard as a Medic and Electronic Warfare Specialist for 8 years. Outside of Enfuse, he and his wife own and operate a dog training company in his local town. He can be found assistant coaching his daughter’s softball team, fishing, hunting, and watching movies.

Christian Herrera

Software Engineer

Christian is a food junkie, husband, lifelong learner whose experience has taken him to be part of different projects. He started his technology journey in the insurance industry, building internal tools and contributing to monthly releases. Christian brings his problem solving skills to take on new challenges, his past work involved writing Spring and React applications, creating CI/CD pipelines and working with cloud environments. During his free time, Christian enjoys finding new music, cooking, running outdoors and scouting players for his soccer fantasy team.

Ryan Small

Software Engineer

Ryan a proud father of a witty and vivacious baby little girl. He is an experienced Full Stack Software Engineer skilled with Java & JavaScript, frameworks such as Spring and React, and cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and GCP. Driven by new experiences, he takes pride in providing a full-service technical & consulting experience for clients. Starting in freelance, Ryan combines his initial love of art and graphic design with his passion for problem solving. He uses those skills to produce overall success for our clients. He resides on the East coast (Tri-State/DMV area), and during his free time, he enjoys exploring the world and giving back to his community via his non-profit ‘Black-Tech Philly’ that allows him to make a difference in future generations to come .

William Oh

Software Engineer Intern

William is a lifelong learner whose goal is to learn as much information as possible, useful or not. He has a basic knowledge of Java, C/C++, Python, as well as how to apply them to various projects. Recently, he has learning how to migrate a micro-service from AWS to Azure, teaching him many interesting details about both clouds. When not learning, William can be found playing assorted video games or building computer systems with older parts.