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Enhance, develop, and modernize a real estate software appraisal company’s web and mobile application for viewing and editing floor plans, incorporating a system to create visual layouts from lidar scans, and successfully execute these goals within the client’s timeline despite previous failed attempts.
Real Estate, Appraisal
React, Swift, Python, ARkit, Lidar, Express, AWS Cloud Services (Beanstalk, Lambdas, etc)


In a rapidly digitizing real estate industry, a leading Real Estate Software Appraisal Company required a significant upgrade to their existing web and mobile application. The application was primarily used for viewing and editing floor plans for property appraisals. The client envisioned an application that could harness the power of modern hardware within smartphones and use camera capabilities to manually scan houses or rooms, thereby creating visually appealing and accurate floor plans. In addition, they required a sophisticated logic system to define visual layouts with polygons on a canvas generated from lidar scans. This was a challenge that Enfuse, a consulting development company, was ready to undertake.


Understanding the complexity and the comprehensive nature of the project, Enfuse identified two primary components: an iOS app to generate property facts and a PDF report, and a floor plan generation editing tool with virtual staging capabilities. The client’s internal team did not possess the necessary engineering resources to achieve these objectives within their defined timeline. Thus, Enfuse stepped in to act as the full-fledged development arm, taking over the project management duties. Despite two previous unsuccessful attempts by other consulting services, Enfuse initiated the project with a lean team, confident in their delivery capabilities and execution strategy. Initial success led to the team’s expansion, allowing them to tackle emerging challenges.


Enfuse’s strategic approach and technical prowess led to the successful realization of the client’s vision. The solution provided the much-needed features and met the client’s timeline. Enfuse’s expertise in development, project management, and consulting services ensured that the project was completed on time and within budget, marking a significant achievement considering the previous failed attempts by other consulting services. This venture proved the power of using an advanced technology stack, including React, Swift, Python, ARkit, Lidar, Express, and AWS Cloud Services, in modernizing real estate appraisal software.